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Saturday, March 31, 2007

...for poo the bell tolls...

12/13/06 6:38pm
Skinny and pathetic. Why do I even bother?

12/14/06 10:15am
My period comes but once a month, and it invariably leaves behind a shining example of the effects of menstruation on the bowels. Shocking. Not just the size, which in and of itself was incredible, but the speed with which this brown leviathan shot out of my body. Curled at the bottom, it stuck out of the water by two inches. Noteworthy indeed.

1/8/07 1:16pm
Very sharp. Like Oscar Wilde.

1/31/07 8:51am
Shaped like a lightning rod. The Gods have spoken.

Wily. Possible commitment issues. A painful experience.


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