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Thursday, August 24, 2006

...sports bra...

So, I went to buy a sports bra. No big whoop, right? I just wanted something plain and simple. I asked the sales girl where they might keep such things as sports bras, and she invited me to follow her into the dressing room.

"So, where are the sprorts bras?", I asked.
"Oh, I'll get some for you. What size are you?"
"34 C."
"Let me see."

I slowly unhitched my bra and dragged it out of my shirt through the sleeves. I waited expectantly for some measuring tape to appear, but the wait was in vain. Apparently, they have their own way of measuring at this bra store.

"No, I need to see your boobs."
"Just flash me."

I didn't know what else to do. I flashed her. At that moment I decided never to purchase anything from this establishment ever. But it was too late. I had already shown them to her.

The sales girl sauntered out of the dressing room and returned with bras that could only be described as not sports bras. They were huge, weird grandma bras. I tried them on out of obligation as quickly as I could, discarding them immediately afterwards.

When I immerged from the dressing room, I thanked the woman. I have no idea why. I certainly did not enjoy giving her a peep show, and she obviously didn't know what a sports bra was. Then she told me to have a nice day.

I walked across the street to a dance clothing store that I hadn't noticed before. The salesman looked at me from over the counter.

"May I help you?"
"No!", I defensively snapped.

I think one peep show per day is plenty.