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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Diane and I have discovered gothicmatch.com, and we created profiles for Christ's Abortion. If you want to look at mine, I'm bloodsugar666. We just did his last night, and look what I found in my inbox this morning. Satan bless the goths.

Only to those who dare decrypt strange signs does death lay bare its
secret language. How few, then, are those who savor the swells of
night-heat that threaten to burst the ripening darkness, or who taste the rare
emanations of distended atmospheres. Fewer still are those who fathom
the grandeur of vast plains bruised beneath the wind, or who feel dreams
drain like life's blood into blackest sleep. Do any who survive sense
the enigma of the dawn floating like Charon's ferry over a deadened
Earth? And is it true that fewest of all can see in pale, waning crescents
the jaw of the wolf that consumes chaos itself?

I enjoyed your intriguing profile very much. I share your taste for the
Satanic, and am itch black inside in all respects, including my sense
of romanticism. Anyway, take a look at my profile, if you like, but
please read it carefully before replying; that's why I've included the link
to it. If anything you see there resonates with you, as well, then feel
free to contact me, but only if you are open-minded, especially about
such matters as age and possibilities beyond mere friendship in my case
(I'm not looking for "just friends").

So, if you're interested, then you may reach me by e-mail (you should
be able to do so simply by responding to this e-mail) or via instant
messenger, which I prefer over e-mail, at the any of the following:

.. *****
Yahoo: *****
MSN: ******

(Please identify yourself first if instant messaging). Then, let the
dance (macabre) begin. I look forward to hearing from you.


"[T]he night
Hath been to me a more familiar face
Than that of man; and in her starry shade
Of dim and solitary loveliness,
I learn'd the language of another world"


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