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Monday, July 04, 2005

...if only we could turn back time. then there'd be no grandchild born of incest...

I can't count the number of times I've though this to myself.

Dr Eve Russell is living in a dream world. She will never be able to take back not telling her daughter, Whitney, not to marry her half brother, Chad. And that poor grandchild born of incest, Miles, will continue to pay the price of Eve's negligence. Miles has been very fussy latey and won't drink formula. Fortunately for him, after roughly three months without breast feeding, Whitney is still able to produce milk, and nursed Miles so that he would not starve to death.

Things were not so sunny in the Crane mansion. Beth somehow got away! I'm not sure how though, because I can only watch on Mondays. Sheridan is so upset that she is ready to leave Luis because he did not believe that Marty was her son and not Beth's. Now they'll probably never see their son again. That's not really true. We'll probably see him again sooner than you would think, even though Beth is aided by Allister Crane. Allister was up to his usual tricks; lying, cheating and seducing innocent women. Even though I expect this kind of behavior from him, I was shocked when Allister kissed Theresa! Theresa was in a blind rage about how Gwen stole her baby and raved about how she would stop at nothing to get Jane back. After her mother, Pilar, walked away, Allister took his chance and swooped in like the vulture that he is. He offered to help Theresa get Jane back, but she refused. For now, that is!

It looks like Allister is going to spill the beans any day now about how Sheridan murdered her Aunt Rachel when she was seven. Katherine is doing her best to protect Sheridan, but nothing is certain when you are at the mercy of Allister Crane.

The Las Vegas thugs must have caught up to Noah Bennet and Fancy Crane, because Fancy was trapped in the bottom of a boat struggling amongst a pile of tuna. Luckily Noah was able to rescue her with mouth to mouth recuscitation. Then he kissed her!

Noah - "You are Fancy Crane."

Fancy - "And you are Noah Bennet."

Noah - "Well you sure don't look so Fancy now. In fact, you stink."

Fancy - (slaps Noah across the face) "I'd rather smell like fish than be kissed by you."

Sadly, there was no appearence by my favorite character, Tabitha. Where has she been? And where has her evil baby, Endora, been? I want more spell casting! I also don't know what happened to the pants-peeing Edna Wallace. Hopefully I will be filled in by a monologue driven soley by exposition.

More to come next week!


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