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Monday, April 11, 2005

...i might start cutting myself soon...

Really. I might.

I have always been a tender and unique soul. I'm crying tears of blood from my vagina right now. To prove that my mind has never known comfort, I will post a poem that I wrote in 1995. I was a mere 15 years of age, yet still I was acquainted with the pain that life can bring.

Little Bo Peep

I lost my blanket last year.
Now, I'm very cold.
It never dawned on me to fear
what I thought was permanent.
I tied to find it again,
but what do you kow,
it now belongs to two and ten.
Maybe I'll find it in the spring.
But what if it's too late?
What if nothing has a familiar ring?
Make a new blanket, some have said.
They obviously don't know
that I'd rather be shot in the head.
I've lost my blanket, it bears my name.
Without my precious blanket,
I'll never be the same.


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